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easypage is very simple to use, you can create a page,easy to share to the social platform, and free!

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Choose from a selection of easy-to-use templates,With flexible content blocks,or you can mix beautiful themes.

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We create becomes super invincible simple,any content only need to procrastinate to generate to the page.



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Some of our top features.

Fully Responsive

Any size screen, can be a perfect presentation and maintain the same layout.

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All blocks follow Google Webmaster guideline and web standards,easy to search.

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Drag and drop to create,just a few minutes to create a page,very easy.


Customizable layout and content block styles allow you to create personalized pages.

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Reach high-end designs,without coding,you can create a beautiful page.

Easy to use

Any content can be generated drag and drop, simple editing,One-click publishing.

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